General Workflow for Custom Solutions

To address any kind of controllability or optimisation problem a general approach has been created to tackle the complexity in an early phase of a project.

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Services to Run Your Production at Optimum

Best performance requires continuous commitment and expertise throughout the entire life-cycle. Starting from the design phase our expertise can pinpoint areas to consider, suggest improvements to control structure and recommend instrumentation. This early pain mitigation can save excessive design changes in the later phases of construction.

Once the process is ready for start-up it is essential for the operation to have all its controls in their desired mode to allow them to focus on enabling the process rather than controlling it.

Later, the operational experience gained can help design smarter control structures to emulate operator interventions under certain circumstances. Performance improvements strongly associated with minimising wasted energy, material loss, emissions, off-spec quality and unsatisfactory control can be realised.

To maintain the achieved performance it is advisable to have somebody periodically check for degradation.

Our services are designed to maximise the performance of any controlled system in any industrial application to achieve the best available overall performance.

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Our Vision

To operate production at maximum performance by utilising available best practices and technology components.

There is a solution to your control problem.