About us

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To make life better by supporting production processes to waste less energy and resources. Our primary goal is to make process control systems and production processes better operated and controlled.

Company Culture

We believe the world is as we make it. We like to think that we invent something valuable every day.

Sometimes it's a small thing or occasionally it's a big thing which gives a greater depth of understanding.

We are interested in the challenge of solving long-lasting problems. Your toughest control problem is our everyday job. Challenge us and we will investigate your control problem.

We believe our efforts help to keep the world the way we envision it.

We Love Mathematics

Our most valuable passion is analysing hundreds of gigabytes of operational data.
The process world is written in the language of mathematics.

Odoo • Image and Text

Connected time series data
real source of knowledge

We believe that every piece of information required lies in process data history, only that current systems are not sophisticated enough to deal with them.  The task is clear, the only question is who will take the next step in analysing, understanding and using data.