Process Start-up Service

Stable operation from the beginning

A well operating process control system protects the process.

Each process plant has its own life cycle. On a new plant built by green field project, the Start-up service can deliver significant advantage in case when the technology is going to start with just assembled equipment and implemented control system. The default setting of controls are sufficient for ineffective compensation or many times cause oscillations of process. During start-up service a large number of loops are quickly investigated and put to designed control mode within a short period of time, allowing the operators to turn their focus on the process rather than manually control each individual process values.

 Stable control

Enable normal operation condition as designed. 

Problems verification

Identify and verify root causes of problems arise during the start-up.   

Smooth start-up

Reduce a risk of a process start-up with better performing controls. Decrease efforts on the project commissioning team. 

When to consider...

For new or existing technologies makes it necessity to get turnaround periodically, modernisation of the automation system, and even the revamp the base technology itself. In each cases when parts of the control or process are modified, replaced, migrated, all are considerable situation to apply efficiently the Process Start-up Service and renew the integrity of system.


Typical business benefits delivered and assessed. Some benefit categories are industry and process specific. During the initial consulting process only those benefit categories are assessed which deliver real business benefits.

Protect investment

The process control system safeguards your investment.

Normal operation

No more delay due to under-performing controls. Early on spec production.

Operator load

Less focus on control and more focus on operation.

Optional Services

These optional features could be important for effectiveness. Depending on project phase, the earlier we involved in start-up project, the more potentials are available.

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Control Design Inspection

Expectation for process operation comparing with control design can highlight the critical control parts.  Early involvement  into project enables to avoid initial control control design malfunctions. 

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Initial Tuning Set

Before the control system configuration the delivery of preliminary setting enables the control loops to be quickly placed in AUTO mode.

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On Site Support

When more partial but interacting parts of the whole process are going to sequentially start, On Site Support is a valuable engineering assistance with 24/7 continuous support. 

Typical data requirement

Data analysis usually requires the following data inputs. If you send us the design documentation we can prepare the data export sample file for you.

Custom non-disclosure agreement available on request.

Operator Schematic

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

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