Improvement Opportunity Map

Do you know your potential?

Discover your business's potential

Regardless of the size of production site, our universal historical data processing converts business potential into Performance Indicator. This calculated index is an objective metric to make decisions on where to focus resources, which generate the greatest business result.

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Focus on the greatest benefit

from the units which have the potential to deliver business results.

Predictable road of success

Revealed accessible performance with known gaps unlocks the subsequent success.

First step in optimisation

A new approach has been developed to handle the complexity of a production site and keep the associated time and resources down. Focusing only on low- hanging fruit makes it possible to carry out site-wide studies in only fraction of the time, so the entire site can be scanned. The advantage of starting a high level study is that the parts of the process unit where there is very small potential for further improvement can be identified, and subsequent studies can then focus on the parts which offer the highest potential improvement, to aid decision making. It also makes better use of internal and external resources.

Work program established to maximise performance of existing equipment

There is always an element or a group of equipment that limits operating performance. These elements can be identified by analysis. The partial set of problems to which the solution generates benefits can be defined as necessary but same time sufficient correction actions. Eliminating the source of under-performing control evolves your production unit and achieves higher integrity and availability. In the same moment, new but known bottlenecks will come to light.

Step by step approach

The first performance improvement reveals other barriers which were hidden before. In this way the initially identified and solved opportunities usually generate further optimisation possibilities impossible or difficult to estimate.In this way this procedure ensures that the optimisation steps can be continued in the long term until the achievable benefit with its associated cost are above the acceptable limit.

Know Your Potentials

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The report contains the map with an executive summary summarising the findings of the audit.  The control performance and economic benefit prospects assessed for each unit on order to rank potential. Complexity of an interconnected units is computed during the audit to better reflect the units which represent a bottleneck for other dependent units.

The report details unit by unit the potentials found and assesses the following:

  • Controlled values variability

  • Control problems and operability

  • Dependency on other units

  • Economical power

  • Cost drivers

These factors are the basis of potential ranking. Directions for further investigation are also assessed.

Typical data requirement

Data analysis usually requires the following data inputs. If you send us the design documentation we can prepare the time series data file for you.

Custom non-disclosure agreement available on request.

Time series data

Operator schematics

Process flow diagram

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